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Welcome to Amni Apparel!

“Come in as you are, leave like a star,” this is our motto and promise. Amni Apparel is a place of excitement and contemporary women’s clothing. Today’s women’s clothing is a combination of comfort, style, and elegance. Always carefully curated by our International Fashion Designer and seamstress Lily Wilkinson. Amni Apparel specializes in ladies’ clothing from casual, semi-casual, formal, Mother-of-the-Bride

Are you a professional woman, public speaker, sales representative, student or just entering into a new career? YOU are in the right place, let us help YOU to prepare YOU for your occasion. This is all about you and only you, Promise!

Lily Wilkinson

Lily Wilkinson

International Fashion Designer and Seamstress

Meet Lily,

Since 5 years of age, Lily was able to hand-cut and stitch clothing for dolls and sell them for roasted sunflower seeds. Born an Entrepreneur!

  • She was in love with clothes and used to reconstruct her father’s clothing to fit her own shape and size.
  • This passion for creating and fashion continued as she created items for her boys and then provided alterations for others.
  • In 2013, she opened Amni Apparel and was sharing her athletic wear creations with the women in the community.
  • Lily loves fashion and has an eye for what will work for the unique needs of her customers.
  • She listens to her customers’ needs – from the personal need for the attire to the fibers that you prefer.
  • Lily’s Collection features versatile, affordable, functional, and quality pieces for all occasions: day or evening.

Lily’s number one priority is You! – no matter how you feel, she will make you feel like a Star!