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FURious Fur Jacket


  • Off-center zipper
  • pockets
  • collar
  • faux fur
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FURios Fur Inc.
Why go for fake furs?

  1. More than 50 million animals are killed every year for their fur just to be made into fashion and accessories. If real fur was outlawed and was replaced with faux fur, 50 million animals would have their lives spared and endangered animals such as Fur Seals and Spotted Cats would no longer be hunted for fur and can repopulate taking them off of the endangered species list.
  2. The production of real fur has high energy costs and severe pollution. When skinning an animal you need to stop the skin from rotting by using harsh chemicals, even more chemicals are used to bleach and dye the fur. It takes four times more energy to produce a real fur coat versus a faux fur coat.
  3. The chemicals used in treating, dying, and making real fur fashion and accessories are harmful to people as well. Chemicals are absorbed through your skin and can cause illness over a long period of time, even children’s clothes are made with real fur and can be just as harmful to them as well.

So when considering whether you should buy real or faux fur, make sure you choose faux. The more fashionable and ethical style.

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